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Heretic Lyrics

Stromkern – Heretic Lyrics

See the power in the eyes
Of the innocents' lies, of the countless lives
Lost in the struggle for a new formation
Terror simulation

Paragoric never had to galvanize
Desecrate to liberate and devastate demoralize
I've humanized conceptualized and harnessed distant stridence
To the half-caste of mankind

Your aureole is wavering, the sacrosanct is yearning
To collapse around the crucible of hallowed time
Abandon violencia and move beyond the spire
Travel through the gyre
Accomodate the fire

Critical distance lessening your grip
On reality the heretic perpetuates eternity in variance
Remember as you're watching me burn
In every event there's a lesson to be learned

Deviate collorary construct
Simulation of methodical virtue
Time stands still
Subujugation of a last chance
Terminal relapse
Strategy fall and collapse
I know that suffering is pure
Living this lie I try to deter
But destruction brings a new day
And a deviant path is the only way

Now is the time in an effort to settle the score
Instigate a full scale war
Never surrender, biding my time
Until I'm certain that victory is mine

Autonomy is purity
Corrective self-identity
Dominant totality a sight unseen
Appropriation standing in the wake of the whole creation
I find

Certainty in vision, that's obscured
Religious sense of irony I'm all too sure
Corrupt and decaying from within
Welcoming a cold embrace
And a fall from grace

Extrapolating systems of total control
From the lies that I'm told
As the night unfolds
Severance payback hightened by memory
Dissapating violating turning to stone

Error and denial
A moment of clarity but what do I see
Destruction brings a new day
And a deviant path is the only way

I've got to keep the heresy alive
For another hour another day another time
I've got to keep the heresy alive
For the violence and the promise of eternity mine
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