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Leave The Cameras On Lyrics

Street To Nowhere – Leave The Cameras On Lyrics

Officer Officer Officer
Where you going with all that riot gear
I see no broken windows
Do you have faith in those that sent you here
In a full bloom afternoon commute
The news crew beats you onto the scene
Where we lay down in Market Street
Violent voiced and bleeding from the knees
They say we're wrong
So leave the cameras on
Leave the cameras on
And yeah we'll see whose wrong
Officer Officer Officer
Did we get to close to Union Square
Is high class pride the tender line?
Cause in the Tenderloin you didn=t seem to care
So its prison bus after prison bus to the warehouse docks to lock us all away
While the white clout in the white house, whites out everything we have to say
I thought I saw myself on the split screen
Broadcast against the presidents bombing
I think he needs a tap on the shoulder
I think we need to get a little bit bolder

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