Girl, you put me on standby
The message was as clear as could be
Things didn't work out your way
I wasn't what you thought I would be

Now, we're playin' your new game
Tag, you're runnin' away
The rule is not to get caught
Caught by me

What are you thinkin', baby?
What makes you tick?
You put me on standby, baby
Soon you'll hear a click

I put you on standby
It wasn't as hard as I thought
Now, guess who is runnin'?

Now, I run from the love I need
Let's both slow down, if you please

What are you doin', baby?
What do you see?
You put me on standby, baby
So easy to be

Girl, it happened to me
And it could happen to you
If you want it to
Like it happened to
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(You Put Me On) Standby Lyrics

Strawberry Alarm Clock – (You Put Me On) Standby Lyrics