Wooden woman by the gate
Wonders if she is too late
She tries so hard to make her date
But a young mans love she will never receive

Wooden woman by the wall
Sadly she will then recall
Of when she was so young, so small
And she knew so much love, it was hard to believe

She was so much in love, as she drank up their lies
As she saw with both ears, listened hard with both eyes
Now she wears her old age like an ugly disguise
As her whole life is caught up in time as it flies

Wooden woman stands alone
Thinks of the love that she has known
She watches green waves turn to foam
She is tired and the sea will release her

Wooden woman on the bay
Going to leave the world today
She jumps and finds to her dismay
Though she cried as she floated away
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Wooden Woman Lyrics

Strawberry Alarm Clock – Wooden Woman Lyrics