Sally’s got a car
She’ll take us out of this place
Cause World War II is out of our face
I can’t convince your to come
You’re going to have to do that yourself
But you’ll seduce me none the less
It’s what you were trained to do
Your taller than I hoped you’d be
I guess didn’t pay attention
As long as you fit in the front seat
It’s fine with me
When I get tired you’ll drive
You know the station I like
Just be still in your seat
And listen, to what drove me here
Peter’s got a place
He’s been begging us to come up
But I told you not to talk
When I’ve got needs
Filled up your womb
And you called the police
Your father’s the police
And your mother, she knows this scene
Sorry you missed a test
Sorry you missed a dance
Sorry your mom hates me so much
Cause I’m everything she wants in a man
Sorry you missed a test
Sorry you missed that last dance
Sorry your dad hates me so much
Cause I’m doing everything he wished he could have
In this bed, in this room
I’ll take it
(4 times)
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New Paris Lyrics

Strand Of Oaks – New Paris Lyrics