Do you like to read?
Because I like to read
And do you like to look at me?
Because I like to look at you
And do you shake every time you hear his voice?
Do you feel the notes he sings?
Do you hear the pain he has lived?
Do you buy his records?
And listen to them all the time?
And do you think of me?
Because I think of you all the time
And how can you live
When you can't touch him?
And how do you think I live
When I can't touch you?
And do you leave your room?
Because I hardly ever leave mine
And do you fear the president?
Because he scares the shit out of me
And when will we first believe
That we are worthwhile?
And how will I learn to think
That I am worthwhile?
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Do You Like To Read? Lyrics

Strand Of Oaks – Do You Like To Read? Lyrics