The last year was one lost year of my life
I loved her, but this was the worst thing I could ever do
Now that Iґm free, I know that this one lost year
Was a year without faith and freedom

I saw no lightin this unequal game
But now I tryto forget all this pain

This is me and this is you
There is nothing else to do
Time is on my side
And you know Iґll win this fight
This is me and this is you
There is nothing else to do
I know you are a fake
But your might will leave today

You canґt deny
That all you tried
Was to fill my head with lies

I spit on you
And I dispice your face
And all you can do
Is to plead for my grace

We go different ways
And my way is just clear
My life ainґt grey
You were just one lost tear

I donґt give a fuck about you and all we had together
Because my life is much more important than a painful expierience
Now my eyes are open for the new things that fate will bring me
Because my strenght is the time and till the time is over there have to be many lost years
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On Lost Lyrics

Straight Edge – On Lost Lyrics