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Another Night Lyrics

Story Untold – Another Night Lyrics

My boring day at work is done
I'm back at home, Mom and Dad are gone
Where did they go? Do I wanna know?
Hit my friends up, they're coming up
Let's set the mood, booze's the next stop
Is there a reason we should be feeling down?
And now our worries gotta go away

Here we go for another night
Another night, running all around
Around the house that's all messed up
It's all good, there's still a rooftop
Here we go for another night
Another night goofing all around
Around the clock, when should we stop?
I can't see the end, tomorrow seems so far away

I’m up in the clouds, my heart's on the ground
Blast the stereo, never turn it down
Drunk, hide and seek, sticky floors and broken glasses
Laughing 'til our stomachs hurt
And I can't let this moment pass me by
Stop asking why, just let yourself go
Nobody cares about the way you look tonight

We'll drink the night, we'll never stop
We’ll stay up ‘til we see the sun
We'll fall down and get back up on our feet
So here’s to a night we’ll remember
This is a time we never wanna forget

Around the clock, we'll never stop
Let's make this night a never-ending story

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