In the rhythm of pain pulsation
In the visions that is unknown
In the temptation that is fatal
In the mystery of dance on the verge of ruin

Steps for Hell
Life with length is nothing
Absorption of infernal manna
Unholy extract of faith

In the spontaneous act of the permanent suicide
In the insensible affect and impassive desire
In the furious fear and obedient rapture
In the black bile intoxication

Steps for Hell
Fucking time only increases a black seed
For the fruitful horizons of flesh
On the way to satanic revelation

All in all are in the constellation of Sin
Inexorable thirst
Of black hole of poisonous consciousness
Steps for Hell
For the great beyond

Cosmos of soul conceals the Evil intent
Descending to demonic origin
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Steps For Hell Lyrics

Storming Darkness – Steps For Hell Lyrics