Take a breath and say your prayers
See lord, blood will pour again
On all banners blow different names
Don't you pour out the vials of wrath
Madmen make double games in holy war

Worship gods in satanic fire
The flames of hate licking higher
An ordeal again starts holy war
How can you bless bloody battlefield crimes
We have done in your name it's a shame
Stop holy wars

You're too young to die
Stay away run for your lives
Say why shall we die
Run away will to survive

Angry old man with a heart full of hate
Stealing your soul and selling your fate
All for heaven's sake in holy wars
Go out for blood kill for your god
You die for a hypocritical nut
Turn your prayer wheels

[Repeat Chorus]

You live for Doomsday holy books deadly shades
You want boys to pray dirty looks our future fades
You're too young to die
Stay away run for your life

[Repeat Chorus]
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Holy War Lyrics

Stormhammer – Holy War Lyrics