All my life, I've been a little bit fucked up
And all my family turned away
But every day, I try to be better
In every way

But I don't have to prove a thing to you
You don't know me and I don't owe you, do I?

I've done drugs and my share of drinking
And all my friends have been right there with me
And Money's tight but some things will get better
And we'll be alright

It's not a lie when I say, things could be better
Not a lie when I pray for things to get better
When I say I'm alright, don't look in my eyes
Cause I'm not alright (but I'm trying)

Life is hard, but I've got my armour
Everything bounces off of me
Everytime someone tries to get me
Victory is mine

I don't wanna do the thing to do that
Erase me and embrace you (do I?)

Chorus repeat

(But I'm trying to be alright)

All my life, I've been fucked up
And all my family's turned away
But every day, I keep trying
To win someday

Chorus repeat

(But I'm still trying)

Chorus repeat
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Not Alright Lyrics

Storm Inc. – Not Alright Lyrics