(Uh! Yeah! C'mon!
player 1 player 2, uh, where you at? C'mon!)

Hey yo, I'm like this, so watch the moves that I make
How I take over the floor, throw the grooves that I shake
I'm number one, how'd you figure that I'm losing my place?
If your the joker, player, then who's the ace?
Hey, yo, it's me, the player to beat, I'm playin' for keeps
I got some special moves, so homie don't sleep
You learn and I teach controllin' the game
You can brag all you want, but you kids don't be rollin' the same
I'm bringin' the pain...
The game is done, you might as well run
My time is come and I'm gonna shine like the sun
No suprise, I'll bust a flip on you guys
The dance moves I do, I'm keepin' it live
Keepin' the vibe, fly-guy style express
Competition is none, player, and I jam like that
I'm the best, can't be beat, you know it's me, keep up the pace,
and you'll advance with me, c'mon

Let's see who's better.
You wanna play a tune,
I wanna groove with you
(Wanna get some) so turn me on!

Let's see who's better.
You wanna play a tune,
I wanna groove with you
(I wanna) so turn me on!

Yo! I got more men than you.
Baby, I'm on to you.
Special powers that will burn your crew. High-
Power flips that'll blow through you.
Mad kicks mad flips that will go through you. Once my
energies start burnin' through. Chops
through your face, then I'm blastin' you
I'm laughin' too.
Competition's far too new,
Where's the real competition cuz the game is through.
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Let The Beat Hit Em! Lyrics

Stone Bros. – Let The Beat Hit Em! Lyrics

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