In dedication, I've seen us falter for ourselves.
In conversations, I feel the underlying currents.
Manipulation, I've seen ulterior motives.
I wish we could be more like dogs.

In alienation, we know the rules of separation.
In degradation, we use historic points of reference.
My observation, we've lost all instinct for compassion.
I wish we could be more like dogs.

Simple thoughts.
Today, I do not feel so ok.
There is nothing you can say to make me change my mind.
I may never go outside again.

The beauty of honesty it makes more sense to me
Than dropping hints and fishing for complements.
A simple honesty that you could promise me,
I'll love you or I'll hate you but I'll never try to fake you.

Can I ever say what I want to say?
Can I ever feel what I feel is true.
To live my life and free myself from these chains.
Like a dog, simple thoughts, feel no shame.
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Simple Lyrics

Still Life – Simple Lyrics