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Vomit Dichotomy Lyrics

Stice – Vomit Dichotomy Lyrics

Voice 1
This dot represents the sun
Two lines for the tip top grin
Background is the green with the dark cloud span
Its a shame your techniques wrong
Ripping off hog fuck my sleeve
What do you get when you cross my team
If you do it I can't hold my pee
You piss me off I piss on thee
Make me wanna spit
Make me dominant
Put you on your ass
Like it

Ooh its mine its mine
Goodbye cool world hello head
Faster pussycat
Your big forehead
Hide it!
Don't come in here just yet focus on the feeling
Feel it
How you gonna be a man
How you be so bad
Fuck this mess
Sci fi
So fat

One more thing I forgot who's fault dot sun drawing got drawn so big
Dark casino guides my eyes to grin lines tip toe inside
Nothings gonna change a mind
So special copycat can die by
Smile, its so official
Animal behave who
You wanna put a hole in my head
Ill have nothing in mind
I think we have twin mind
I got it in my special book
Don't look book
Its lock it

Voice 2

Invisible hole with a big black cat
Foreground so the eye attacks
If you want it I can wear a mask
Fuck comics kiss my ass
One dot sun two line grin
My technique, just wait
Spite night
Don't come in yet
So young when I spoke like that
Gimme my shit back
If you wanna have that
Living in a c flat
Spit spit spit spit

Take it bitch take that
Now I call you copycat
I feel your compact
Lets both talk it over
How'm I gonna kiss my head
Kiss myself then go to bed
Why you gonna watch my asshole shit it out and clean it best
Whats my genre?
Whats my subject?
Whattaya gonna take my?
Heres my respect

X x x
Too easy
Lets keep baby quiet
Please let me in your head
Sorry sorry sorry sorry
There I go again
Won't it open
Can you keep a secret no but I can take it easy
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