On the banks of Lough Graney, saw the paster inviting me
I heard the ghosts of kings and queens whispering my name
I thought I'd blink it all away, surely it could never stay
But still the hunts of yesterday, stood proud before my eyes

Something had me in its spell, my hands and feet were frozen still
And what it was I couldn't tell, that captive there I was
Forward came the granded steed, righteous shown of dignity
And on this mounty was indeed a power to behold

He offered me a kingly hand and in his steel gray eyes I saw the man
That showed me how to love the land and make our living my home
To whatever brought me here, we'd hope or need or fear
I offered thanks and said a prayer that this will always be

At last the future is taking hold and every dream will soon unfold
My love and I will just grow old on the banks of Lough Graney
On the banks of Lough Graney
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Lough Graney Lyrics

Steven McClintock – Lough Graney Lyrics

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