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Wipe Out 2000 Lyrics

Steve Vai – Wipe Out 2000 Lyrics

Hahahahaha....... Whiiiiiipooooouuuuuuuut!!!!

Well... welcome to the wipe-out session.... Uhhh
If you like to get down on that boogie board, uhhh
If you like to get down on that snowboard, uhh
Then get down with us.... One time... hit me!

Stayin there only when the weathers are good
Going to the beach takin to the waves like you no I should
Can I really get busy, cmon, who' d lose?
Check out the body by my side n get radical dude
Some awesome tunes n some awesome waves
N definitely cool tans n some awesome babes
Uh huh that' s what I said when the fire, I know, goes straight into my head
Go crazy n lose control like you in some jello with some beach blanket bingo
Thought that there was this rappin man
Think about it n you won' t eat saaand!!!

On my pantssss
Here I come, here I come, watch it, watch it now....
Wipe out two thousaaandd...

What's to say here were tryin to make it home now
Hangin 11 n you don' t know what to do now
When I lose cool point at all the hunnies on the beach
And smile got me yourself a study of feet
Grab up to ur board, lean left n right,
Holding it tight, till you pry in the light
Now what happens next is amazing to me
Fly through the barrel come out a winded knee
When you review you scream cheat
From the side that total mountain that brings mountain high
Sun beatin on ur back dry n your mouth
N you just saved yourself a whiiiipe out!

... Guitar solo...

Slow it down slow it down... ok hit me hit me
Ahh here it comes here it comes

Weeapadidling a dingalingalingalinga!
Ahhh, give it up! Give it up! Give it up! Give it up
Ow. (guitar) Ow. (guitar)

Look, a money money house
Lets go to the money money house
Wipe out!
Hehehe all right...
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