Came home from the show, the way I always do
18 dollars and a broken string or two
Then I recalled the singer from the evening's final act
Borrowed my capo and never gave it back

She stole my capo, then she stole my heart
She knew it was something I would miss
I lost the cheater's way of playin' my part
But I found the key to happiness

[Verse 2:]
I saw her six weeks later at a Christmas jamboree
I said, "Hey, you're the little thief who's got my property"
She said, "I knew you'd find me here, at least that was my plan
I know it sounds peculiar but I hope you'll understand"

She reached into her pocket, for a moment time stood still
I saw a flash of silver, it gave me such a thrill

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 3:]
I drove her back to her house, she asked me if I'd come in
She took out her guitar and started softly strummin'
We spent the whole night singin' sad old country songs
Now I believe my capo is right where it belongs

[Repeat chorus]
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She Stole My Capo (Then She Stole My Heart) Lyrics

Steve Mardon – She Stole My Capo (Then She Stole My Heart) Lyrics