I'm semi-suicidal since a trucker stole my wife
I'm contemplating all the ways that I might end my life
Pills would make it easy but I'd rather do it my way
That's why I'm drivin' 90 eastbound in the westbound highway

I was drivin' out to Austin in my Datsun with my bride
We'd set out from New Orleans, a 500-mile ride
At twelve o'clock we needed gas and she turned me and said:
"Why don't we get some lunch at that truckstop up ahead?"

Inside were 20 truckers who'd parked their 18-wheelers
I had a premonition that one would try and steal her
When a man in flannel sidled up to her at the buffet
I could see my baby laughing ... And slowly slippin' away

We made it out to Texas but something wasn't right
I could tell her mind was somewhere else in the hotel room that night
In the morning when I woke up and got out of bed
I found a note on the mirror and this is what it said:

"I hate to leave this way but I've got no choice
Something moved inside of me when I heard that stranger's voice
I've got a thing for truckers, and I swear it made me sweat
When he told me he could give me a ride I'd never forget"

[Repeat chorus]

Now I'm on the road again with troopers on my trail
There's a roadblock up ahead, behind me sirens wail
I'm feelin' kinda peaceful as the cars swerve left and right
A man has a lot to think about when a trucker steals his wife

[Repeat chorus]
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Semi-Suicidal Lyrics

Steve Mardon – Semi-Suicidal Lyrics