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Liquid Lyrics

Steve Kilbey – Liquid Lyrics

Liquid, she drank like she was in me
Liquid, she's drinking more of everything

She drained an ocean out of me
Left me washed up in bankruptcy
Like a storm far out to sea, she's gone

She ran like water through my hands
Silver drops on thirsty lands
Then she sank into the sand, she's gone

Stranded on a saw-toothed reef
She bled my life beyond belief
Just another fluid thief, she's gone

Sometimes I think of the lives I could have led
Before the sweet nectar, heat and lust came shimmering out of my head
In a salty cave I perspire pure oblivion
A sexual dimension, of black and vermilion
She said I'm drowning, in the voice of an alien
There was no life for me
Sometimes I plan the revenge I will sustain
The rapture of the deep, rivers and rain
We swam through the channels of an underground cleft
I couldn't keep going, I was losing my breath
Woozy with fever, catching my death
There was no cure for me
Sometimes I remember the blue island skies
Well I was seeing the world through enchanted eyes
Coral cut my fingers, my blood tasted good
She dived in and drank more than she should
Left me drifting like driftwood
There was no hope for me
Sometimes I hear the birds, the crash of the waves
Across the black lake where the fisherman slaves
Electric eels, in translucent coils
The lava erupts and the green ocean boils
Taking her bait, burning my oils
There was no stopping me
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