Well I know
You know
I don't know
How long I can wait
You touch me
You move me
And that's almost
Too much for me to take
I tried to be patient
I know you're worth the while
But my sanity is tested
Every time I see you smile

Now you can't rush a good thing
No love before it's time
And anybody fine as you
Has heard every pick-up line
I swear that I respect you
For what hasn't happened yet
But could you hurry up
Every chance you get

Well you know
What you do
When you do
What you're doin' now
You temp me
You tease me
With that I ain't done this look
But I know how
I'll be worth your wait babe
I'll swear to you it's true
When you finally let me do for you
What you won't let me do


Would you like to slow dance
You can use my shoulder for your head
Would you mind me feeling
What I feel your beating heart just said


I'll go get the pick-up truck
I'll pay the check
Watch out what you're doin' baby
We could have a wreck
I'm gonna run this red light
If it don't turn green
My chances shure are lookin' up
If you know what I mean
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Hurry Up Lyrics

Steve Holy – Hurry Up Lyrics

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