Dearest mama, everything will be all right now
I will be safe
It's only that the outside which I have not seen
For so many long years
During my divine exile
Makes me a little nervous, mama
But I think the time has come for your
Unnamed warrior-child
To make his presence obvious
Don't you agree, mama?
Mama, are you listening to me, mama?
Are you there, mama?
Mama, come back, come back, come back, come back
(mama: but I have things to do, dear)
Mama, I am blinded
I feel nothing save death
It all seems to come up from behind me and hit me like
An avalanche
I feel nothing save evil
Repossess me, mama, repossess me, mama
Help me to escape from this lunatic inheritance
Repossess me, mama, repossess
(mama: ha-ha-hee-hee-ha)
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Innocence And Guilt Lyrics

Steve Harley – Innocence And Guilt Lyrics