The universe stops spinning,
The planets go in a line,
The people stop to begin staring,
When I look into your eyes.
Just waiting for the moment,
When we will be together forever,
I will always dream of such a day,
Until then I will have you forever,
When I think of you my heart skips a beat,
My mind starts racing, as my body heats,
When I think of you I know it will be fine,
As long as I have your heart, and you have mine.
My lungs breath a little heavier,
As my eyes begin to haze,
My body turns in all directions,
As my mind goes into a daze,
You slip in and out as it is nothing,
But you leave me with so much,
In my mind and heart you will remain,
With your lips and their silken touch,
When I lie in bed with no one to turn to,
I wish it could be you,
I try not to think too hard about it,
Knowing I'll miss you more than I do,
Before this song is over,
There is one thing that I want you to know,
In my heart you'll always remain,
Loving you from head to toe.
Chorus 2x
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When I Think Of You Lyrics

Steve Halsell – When I Think Of You Lyrics

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