Descending Chord Progession
A=5th fret "rock" barre w/thumb holding bass-6th string
G#m=Same type, minor form-4th fret
F#m=Same form-2nd fret
E=First position "open" form

{E} {A}
The world is/ too much with you/ all of the time

You got no/ space for grace in-/ -side of your mind

{A} {G#m} {A} {F#m}
Somethings can't be conquered/ so your thoughts all say
{A} {B} {E}
But if you/ search your heart/ you'll find a way

Compared to/ how things were here/ something is wrong

But we're here/ nowww/ and that means/ that means then

Is now gone

So don't take/ gloom for granted/ and don't bridge time to

And if you/ search your heart you'll/ ease your mind

You know it's those golden days of Fall give way to

Frozen/ nights of/ howlin' /sounds of wind/that have their

Way/ no matter what those silver bells of Christmas

Tell you but/ re-- member/ what you don't/ know

And don't/ take it all too hard/ there may be things behind

Your skies/ can show you/ sights/ no eyes can see

No words can say/ so just behold these golden days

These days of fall/ these golden days/ these golden

Clear blue/ Autumn days.......

You walk on/ old childhood sidewalks/ looking for clues

Till someone/ stairs and swears/ you / couldn't be you

{A} {G#m} {A} {F#m}
You've been down/ the long way/ You know times are tuff
{E} {A} {B} {E}
But if you/ search your heart/ you'll find/ I say
{A} {B} {E}
If you/ search/ your heart/ you'll/ find enough......
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Search Your Heart Lyrics

Steve Forbert – Search Your Heart Lyrics

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