Wish I was more than one
One for work and one for fun
One to go and one to stay
Little darlin', I'm goin' away

Well, I wish I was two somehow
That could make it all so easy now
One to stay and one to go
Little darlin', I love you so

(But/and) it's bye, bye
Time won't let me be
Bye, goodbye, babe
Oh, child, I swear
There ain't no one that's free

Well, I wish I was in control
Free to stay and let the good times roll
Stay with you, babe, I wish I could
Little darlin', you know I would


Well, I wish I was dreamin' this
And wakin' up to your sweet kiss now
Free to stay with this love we've found
Little darlin', I'm highway bound

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Leaving Blues Lyrics

Steve Forbert – Leaving Blues Lyrics