Where is my brother?
Tell me, is this blood that's running through my veins?
'cause lately I've been feeling like a broken window in the dark.
Scattered over every nation,
Sing your praises from the rooftops,
Echo back to us as empty as the hearts from which they came.

But when will we change?
'cause I've been waiting.

Tear down the walls between us.
This is not the time for separation,
And I can see it in your face that you are lonely just like me.
And maybe just like me, you're more than just a little scared
To leave everything you've ever known behind.

What is my name?
Everything will change.

In your eyes, I can see that you are hungry for a healing
That will take away your pain.
Well everybody's broken, baby.
Everybody's hurting,
But we're all really looking for the same thing anyway.
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Running Away Is Not The Answer Lyrics

Steve Dalton – Running Away Is Not The Answer Lyrics