Timebomb, where did it go wrong
Streetfights in the city lights for you, who are you?
The uppercut from the upper class, I spilled my drink & I broke my glass for you? Who are you? You look fit but you ain't got it, think you're a dog well you're just a bitch. I bet you'd like to take me for a ride

Sing loud all you people, nanananana
We're fighting in the streets, sing loud all you people nanananana
This city's killing me

No money and the cupboards bare, knew who it was & I didn't care for you, who are you? The undercurrent of the underdog will wipe the floor with the suit of the job you do, who are you? You box clever, like to box real hard
So what d'you got without your credit card? Not a lot cos you what you think you've got's not real

(Chorus repeat)
(Verse 1 & Chorus repeat)
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Uppercut Lyrics

Stereophonics – Uppercut Lyrics

Songwriters: KELLY JONES
Uppercut lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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