Change what ya can, but the rest ya just gotta let go
Taste every drop of life you can, you know?
Cos time is short, it'll soon be time to go
Don't be afraid to dream, but live life here & now cos that's what's real
All the rest of it is just all make-believe
So live here in the moment
And live that

Dream, my angel
Be, my saviour
Take, my soul
And live n' love today

You'll never understand it all
When things go right or wrong, take that from me
In love and life there ain't much sympathy
So grab ya coat, it's cold
And live that



(You'll never understand it all, read the writing on the wall
See the world and be what ya wanna be
Don't be afraid to dream
Live and love and be free
It's all make-believe to me
So live that)

[Chorus: X2]

(Live 'n Love today)
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Live 'N' Love Lyrics

Stereophonics – Live 'N' Love Lyrics

Songwriters: COLE PORTER
Live 'N' Love lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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