L: all this violence is puzzling
Maybe the law should intervene.
M: all this violence is threatening
Hate is in need of censoring.

L+m: ban hate and violence for our convenience (x2)
(repeat once)

L: don't we all know the dangers
Of two conflicting viewpoints?
M: an active troublemaker [?]
Banning the flame of dissent
L+m: so much aggravation!
L: to all haters: we'll create some laws to stop you.
M: you're the danger; you really shouldn't be allowed

L: they piss on morality!
M: they detest humanity!
L: those savages should be banned!
M: they're so deeply offensive!
L+m: somebody shut them up!

[throughout the following section mary (I think) sings
Something like: "once you catch them, kill them, kill

L: ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
They'll still be full of? ?? Shit [?]
M: but it's handy,
We'll blame it on human nature.
(repeat from "they piss on... to "somebody shut them

L: we'll censor the hell out of you...
M: we'll coerce evil out of you...
L: we'll cut you're tongue if we have to...
M: you're the baddies and we hate you...
(repeat once)
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With Friends Like These Lyrics

Stereolab – With Friends Like These Lyrics

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