You're off to see the land of dreams
Be careful, things are seldom what they seem.
Cling to your hopes, follow your heart
Don't lose that sparkle in your eyes
To some empty consolation prize
Stay on your course, follow the chart
And if at times, you lose the light
Then let your passion be your guide
Strike a spark, fan the flame
Feel it burn deep within
Let it rise and let it shine
Keep it burnin', day and night
Guard it with your very life
feed the fire, never let it die
You'll fly alone to reach your mark
Don't fear the silence or the dark
They'll be good friends, you'll learn to love
Solitude's no sacrifice
To catch a glimpse of paradise
May you find peace and fly with the dove
And when you finally reach your star
Always remember who you are

-John Kay- (1996
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Feed The Fire Lyrics

Steppenwolf – Feed The Fire Lyrics