At the corner of the bar at the bar on the corner
Something's up and someone's down
Staring in a glass like looking in a mirror
Hoping hope will come around
And the sun's long gone but the moon isn't showing
It knows enough to leave the scene
'Cause light means light and dark means over
Sometimes there's nothing inbetween

So much cold inside these fires
Can't tell the difference between lovers and liars

A million miles away on the other side of town
Another drifter picks a road
A man on a mission, he's got to tame the tiger
Before his lonely heart explodes
And a walk becomes a run as he stumbles toward a beacon
Shooting upwards like a flare
But just because he sees a rhyme to meet the reason
Doesn't mean it's really there
It's never there

Too many hearts beneath the tires
Can't tell the difference between lovers and liars

Is there no more illusion behind it all
Gravity tells you it's time to fall
But still you keep looking for some heaven's glow
Somebody told you don't let go
Don't let go

So what do you do when fate conspires
To feather the difference between lovers and liars
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Lovers And Liars Lyrics

Stephen Grayce – Lovers And Liars Lyrics

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