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Anything Goes Lyrics

Steel Panther – Anything Goes Lyrics

from album: Lower The Bar (2017)
[Verse 1]
Tie a couple lassos around those tits
Pour syrup on her ass like she's chicken and grits
Make her wear a mask like Nikki Sixx
Bring a german shepherd on into the mix

Anything goes!
Anything goes!

[Verse 2]
Paint your fucking cock like a barber pole
Send a GoPro up your own butthole
Dress your bitch up like a butch marine
Give her 50 push ups while she rolls her bean

Anything goes!
I say anything goes!

[Hook 1]
Break out the whips
Candle wax
Chains and weed whackers
Baby don't hold back!

Anything goes!
Anything goes!

[Hook 2]
Fuck you from behind
Fuck you from below
Fuck you from up above
But anything goes with other bitches too
So baby don't fall in love

[Verse 3]
Tattoo unicorns on your shaven balls
Bang a hot midget at Niagara Falls
Steal a Saturn 5 and fuck an astronaut
Zero G anal and weightless cumshots

Anything goes!
Fucking anything goes!

[Verse 4]
Break out the tanks
Hand grenades
Minus Charlie Sheen
Cuz I don't want AIDS

Anything goes!
Baby anything goes!
Honey anything goes!

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,
Fucking monkey fuckers,
Say anything goes!
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Songwriters: Darren Leader, Ralph Saenz, Russell Parrish, Travis Haley
Anything Goes lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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