I see you in the past, and your pain my love it won't last
This is your way to get them back, but I'm afraid you're on the wrong track
Their rules are rigid and you won't fit in with your crazy plans
Although you push in and you demand, your head is buried in the sand
You won't set the world on fire, the situation's way too die
You will have to make your own space now
You don't have the cash to shine, you can't buy so you'll just hire
Go and make your own space and watch it grow
This town is full of fools trying to fit in with their rules
And if you can't eat, well you'll just drool but it's a banquet that would poison you
So do something far away from what they expect and when they say
That you're too weird to perform or play, well aren't you used to that anyway?
It's not always what it seems and neither are your fancy dreams
But to succeed you'd have to change forever
Censoring what makes you important will make you acceptable
But you'll forget just what you're fighting for
We won't set the world on fire, the situation's way too dire
We will have to make our own space now
If you want to come in, then don't pay us and bring your own gin
Come to our space and watch it grow.
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Fire Lyrics

Ste McCabe – Fire Lyrics