Finally been set free
From a doubt that never leaves.
It conquered my voice,
So I could never say
That I, I always knew we'd get away,
But you never believed it
God, I'm glad you're wrong.

Whoa, we've come too far to fall through.
There's no way I'll let you fall back into
Believing your best is not enough.
Let it fade as
Everything falls in place

Towering overhead
Like a life that you outgrew
You built up your walls
So you could never reach my hand
I held out for you as you ran (you ran away)
'Cuz you never believed it
God, I'm glad you were


Maybe, maybe, but maybe
I was worth a little more than you thought
Now you'll see, oh
I will rise above it all this time,
As everything falls (everything falls)

Let it fade, as we fall into...
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Falling In Place Lyrics

Stay The Night – Falling In Place Lyrics