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Heartburn Lyrics

Status Quo – Heartburn Lyrics

No longer will I take what you're doing to me
A one man woman you'll never be
Fooling around, leading me on
You're giving me heartburn

You can't send me high, then leave me low
With just one look, woman you know
It's right for you, but wrong for me
You're giving me heartburn

Under your spell, helpless as can be
But now I'm stronger, it ain't fantasy
Living a lie just ain't for me
You're giving me heartburn

Wo-oh, now I'm living reality
Wo-oh, you ain't got nothing over me

Heartburn, set me free
>From the heartburn, inflicted on me
Now I see it can no longer be
Oh release me, oh-oh-oh
Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn, heartburn

I can't explain what I felt for you
I gave all I had, what else could I do?
No longer can I turn a blind eye
Because of this heartburn

Now it's come to this, I gotta let go
My heart's on a string, swinging
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