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Love Letter Lyrics

Statik Selektah – Love Letter Lyrics

Yo, I almost cried writing this shit yo

We met at college for the culinary arts
First time I saw that ass, boo, it swallowed up my heart, damn
Plus you were gorgeous, I played it cool though
Slipped me the number told me utilize it
Only thing I thought about was your pussy, how I'ma brutalize it
Size six in the sneakers, smoking reefer
Was the daily routine, gave her call one day
Told me meet you up at forty deuce, I didn't hesitate to say 'yes'
Threw on the sweatsuit, hopped in the Beamer
Top down, twenty below, she gave me butterflies
Had her father light complexion and her mother's eyes
Thunder thighs, I'm trying to make some babies with her
We grew closer, connected at the hip
She started flipping over little shit
Became a bigger problem, and she pregnant, what I'ma do?
I went the coward route, what a fucking jerk
I hated myself for years and thought I made up
All the pent up anger in a while, and tell me straight up
Do you love me? Then what's the next step?
It's either 'yes' or 'no' before you take your next breath
Remember the days you held me on your chest?
I listened to your heart, gentle kisses on your breast
You said I was your king, or was it just a show?
But we don't even talk, so I guess I'll never know
How does a love so strong just fall to pieces?
I believe in science and she believe in Jesus
Yo, what the fuck boo? I fucking lust you
And plus I loved you, bitch fuck you

I miss you so much, fucking bitch
I'll fucking kill you, but I love you
I just want to kiss you one more time
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