I have always dreamed escaping reality
Turbo processed thoughts abound
Computating wishes found
I'm creating a new scenario for my brain
Simulated thoughts sedated
"reality" is now invaded
Addicted to a digital sect
And I play it again and I say it again
Thoughts run away now day by day
I don't have anything but the game that brings
To my attention: virtual addiction
Government has me so sedated I cannot see
Process pleasing pleasure bound
Stimulating sights and sounds
Strapped and gagged still I think I have control of me
Parameter is now executed
Destination undisputed
Computer link to brain direct
My thoughts are in sync with a program distinct
And the feelings I scream are absorbed by machine
And I work everyday just to afford to play
Just a slave to the game and all I want out of life
All I want out of life...
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Virtual Addiction Lyrics

State Of Being – Virtual Addiction Lyrics