We grew our hair down to our eyes
Dancing miles toward the throne
But oh sometimes a grave is marked by a milestone
And when the time comes to go and rock'n'roll alone
I'll march around this town drunk
With 'Out Of Step' in my headphones
Faking like I'm throwing rocks at cops
'Cause I am too scared to let go
Just let go of all I know

And there's a day in a month in the year
When "Thank you I'm so glad to be here
I like all those pictures on your wall" and all that
Is what you're supposed to say
But hey is it that wrong
To just give thanks for a holiday?

There's a hole in my chest
Where the sunshine don't fit
But my heart still works
It beats through my shirt like a whip
Striking down the bandits and the benedicts
Striking them down into the ground
Striking them down watching them bleed
Calling them bozos making them leave

You grew your hair down to your eyes
(Why'd you grow your hair down to your eyes?)
When you grew your hair down to your eyes
Was it for me?
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Thanks Given Lyrics

State Champion – Thanks Given Lyrics