Its enough for you to want me
And i feel love, inside my body
After school i think i'll call you
I've been rude ever since i saw you
I'm sorry
I wanna fuck non-stop
Baby i think you're beautiful
You got to tell your pops I'm cool and i'll be good to you
I'll drop you off at your curfew
It's true i wanna fuck non-stopbaby i think you're beautiful
At the "y" you were in your g-string
You were shy but you were easy
I don't know why i waited so long
Here I am.....I'll let you in on my secret.
And after all the "get to know you's"
There will be some other reason
Another feeling that draws me to you
Here we are...our bodies calling
Just hold on and take it all in
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Non Stop Lyrics

Start Trouble – Non Stop Lyrics

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