My life needs a little change
The price of living like I do
Is a lack of something new
Dead ahead I see the light
All I need is just a shoulder
To lean on for tonight
I had it all planned out
And thought it over
A sanctuary found
Here within my mind
An engineer, a broke cashier
All seems cavalier to me
I'm stationary

So come on come on
Look at all you've got
Come on come on
Did I lose my shot
You know that this is
Hard for me to choose
So come on come on
Put yourself aside
Come on come on
Tell me no lie
Where should I be going
Where should I be going
With my life

Living high in big business
Is just a trend no way to live
Board that train and
Feel the pressure
You'll lose yourself
Hiding away is not the same
You try to prove
It's not about fame
And you're not so boring


Hold up I'm begging you
Not to go cuz I know
That I stumble when I try
To make it out the window
It's hard to hear when you're
Screaming out into my ear
And you sound so insincere

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Undecided Lyrics

Stars After The Storm – Undecided Lyrics

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