There's a ghost in the mirror
Oh god - could that be me?
The stench of sweat, the smell of liquor and...
A blankness where a memory ought to be

I feel the weight of their eyes upon me
The expectation growing still
Will I ever live my life my way?
Is this the end I feel?

It's overtaking me
It's now a part of me

Cause my knife is as dull as my fantasies
Cutting off all of my abnormalities
Where do I find the strength to give a shit?
After all you've made me... a god damn drone!

You would have me do as you do
Speak just like you, think just like you
But there's one problem with your plan
I have begun to understand
That you're a kamikaze dive bomb
Hell-bent on destruction
A bold-faced liar
You've mastered obstruction
You shove the biggest piece of bullshit down our throats
And wonder why we refuse to swallow

I refuse to be... a god damn drone!

After all you've failed to make me... a god damn drone!
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Drone Lyrics

Standard Issue Citizen – Drone Lyrics

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