Restless and proud, they called him a dreamer
Knew in his heart he'd make it someday
Strong words, nobody heard anything he was sayin'
Believed his guitar could take him away, oh yeah
He climbed the rock, couldn't get higher
He found out the dream's still the same
Life goes on, we come back around, full circle
Ain't it funny somehow, we're back where we started, full circle
Yeah, yeah, yeah
She's leaving home, nobody will listen
There's no right or wrong in a family affair, yeah
She's grown, mind of her own, had to find what was missin', oh no
Running back to the love that's always been there
We close our eyes and reach for the glory
Cause dreams are worth fighting for, hey!
Full circle, yeah yeah
Like lookin' at a photograph
The picture hasn't changed, you're still the same
(chorus repeats 2x)
Full circle, yeah yeah
Na na na na, hey hey, na na na na, hey hey (yeah yeah)
Na na na na, hey hey (oh hey), na na na na, hey hey (full circle)
Na na na na, hey hey...
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Full Circle Lyrics

Stan Bush – Full Circle Lyrics