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Ultimatum Lyrics

Stampin' Ground – Ultimatum Lyrics

I've fallen down

No one's perfect
Don't even try I don't care,
I Won't live a lie
Who broke the neck of my guardian angel?
Left him for dead in a pool of dreams?
Trampled me flat with their cynical disbelief
And carved their name into my self-esteem?

Can't you see I've fallen down?
You wanted a hero, but instead you got a clown
No one's perfect,
I don't even try I don't care; I won't live a lie
Can't you see I've fallen?

I teeter on the edge, staring into the abyss
Daring myself to jump and finally end it all
But even now I cannot admit defeat
Even though I have no further to fall

Can't you see I've fallen down?
And no one I know could care fucking less
And when they fall, I'll do my best
To seal their fate with no regrets

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