Never stood a chance
Never saw it comin'
But, the best kind of lovin'
Just comes all of a sudden
I caught that bug
Before I knew what it was

It was Boom! Boom!
Out went my lights
I was a' stumblin' around
Into the night
It was hopeless
I'm helplessly in love

Oh, honey it must be love
You know it must be love
Comes from the heavens above
Oh, baby it must be love
You know it must be love
It's hopeless, I'm helplessly in love

Might be miles away
Around the next corner
Nothing to stop you
Nothing to warn you
Wouldn't matter anyway
If there was

You can run as far
As fast as you can
Stop them bullets
Like Superman
But, it's hopeless
Your helplessly in love

It will change your ways
It will break down walls
It's a change of heart
That makes you fall
And, once you're down
There ain't no gettin' up

When it's good love
Sweet love
Real love
Well, that's true love
It's hopeless
I'm helplessly in love
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Must Be Love Lyrics

Stacey Earle – Must Be Love Lyrics