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Poor Little Rich Girl (Interlude) Lyrics

St. Beauty – Poor Little Rich Girl (Interlude) Lyrics

Oh shit - hey St. Beauty, what’s up?
Ooh actually, can you take that off? Thank you
Ooh… oh, can you take that off too? Thanks
Yeah, that’ll be $131.46
Uh actually, can you take those two off?
Mmm hmm
Thank you
Okay, your total is $111.29
Ohh… Imma need to take those off too. Can you take that… like all those right there?
(Does she need some money? I think she do.)
(She ain’t got i.t)
Alright ma’am, you done went down to $23.39, is that okay?
Yes, yes, so much better - thank you so much. Alright, here you go
Here ma’am, here’s your receipt. It’s some coupons on the back so next time…
Uh… okay, thank you
Here, bye
Oh… bye
I can help the next customer
Thank you
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