Lifes funny aint it? how things seem to change and how it's the little things that changes your whole life. listen...

I met a girl sometime ago. she seemed like a person that I wouldn't want in my life.
So I just walked away but I found myself always around her.
She was diffrent from me and I wouldn't give her the time of day.
Oh no. she trued ans triedto talk to me but I didn't listen.

She was a girl that seemed so wrong.
But no matter how hard I tried some thing always put us around one another.
A year passed and wow did things change.

Now I talk to that same girl.
She seems so sweet and not at all who I thught she was.
She's smart and beautiful.
All she wants is to make new friends and be her self.


I'm so happy to call her a friend.
I'm so glad to have her in my life.
Turns out that we are a lot a like that girl I once ran from.
So many things we've both been through each so tragic making us strong and who we are.
Our livese seemed so far apart but yet they realy are so close.
She's here with me when I need her.
I got her back through it all.
We are more than just friends we are sisters till the end.


Now I can't imagin life without her.
She's my rock, my friend, my sister.
I love her till I die.
I just hope that I'm half the friend to her that she is to me.
I'll be there for you girl don't you forget that and I know that I can always turn to you.

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My Friend Lyrics

Squirt – My Friend Lyrics

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