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Gangsta Lyrics

Square One – Gangsta Lyrics

Visual basics, contagious criminal phrases

Rock penals sagacious for minimum wages

Found spirits of hatred on pitiful faces

In cages, locked in a digital matrix

Dance with the devil level lyrics in basements

Original slave-shit, my syllables're racist!

Taste this embrace the physically shapeless

Venoms on pavements, how I'm mimicking Jason.

Rhythms of cavemen in this critical ages

They're living on spaceships,

We're in middle of snakepits!

Faithless cutting with scissors & razors

The Wizard on faders literally crazed this.

Amaze kids how I chase riddles on pages

Subliminal, sacred, caves lit.

Blaze these jewels to rock & roll

For old forgotten souls to scold the Ghetto-Gold.

Hold my pain, my mind empties a clip

Rent me a whip with two bags of sensei to spliff

Yo, my life's nothing but an envious bitch...

So, how the fuck could you hate me for this.

This Gangsta chronicles feeds minds of

Honourable breeds

Documents read the peace with

Hypnotical ease

Anybody who pleads for more

Vulnerable needs

Drop to your knees, words of

Muhammad will breathe

With unstoppable speeds atoms

And molecules bleed

Behind that Hollywood creed,

The diabolical greed...

This is beyond narcotics and weed...

Beyond vile demonic conceit!

I pen rhymes on tropical leafs before I hop on them beats

Popping the heat, mystique my knowledge is deep.

Swallow the grief, empty V-bottles with freaks,

Biographies teach on dusty sorrowful sheets!

The Sodom's defeat among King Solomon's seeds

Yo honestly B: what happened to the Mark of the Beast?

Following cheez your neighbourhoods' prophet's believes...

Ya turn your back to topics like these.

Apocalypse speaks, read a neurotic disease

My solid techniques will hit the rock-bottom for weeks

Poli with peeps, rep the slums boroughs & streets

The God is unique, putting mad Body's to sleep

Hard to compete: the state of the art will repeat

Chorus: Repeat.
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