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Standing Alone Lyrics

Square Off – Standing Alone Lyrics

Feel like I am fading a wall not alone
... It’s raining outside but we walk through the weather
Not rich but I least we’re together
The day you go is something you’ll never know
Don’t try to fix something it was never broke
Hating ass nigger trying to tell me I’ll never blow
This rap shit is inevitable


Standing alone
Every day I am on my own
Till the brake of dawn when I am counting my ...
Standing alone
I am in league by myself
Ain’t no haters... Popping this bottles

I took a train straight to Rome
Niggers never go
When my man is in my name
I’ll never go
I am getting better every day as I grow
And I am not stubborn
I know there are some things I don’t know
Give me a chance I’ll learn them
... I am still standing alone
Worst scramble in my dawn...
Worth of mouth spread quickly than eggs in my homes
Move my mom in a house put some steps in a home
Old 17... Said it will be home
... Get accepted like she’s my own
Feel like I am owning that
... You know I got your back
Got chores so we got the game locked like ...
So we are on the top floor

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