Hey, Kate, you and me should make a date to have a little loving in the back row. Hope it won't offend maybe you could bring a friend We could have more fun with three Tell your mum you're gonna have a lot of fun, but don't tell daddy that's a no no If she's up for some you could even bring your mum she's kinda cute and she's got a thing for me All you ever think about is me me me My ego's got so big lately And I can understand it I would've thought you'd have noticed Swear that you could see it standing on another planet My ego's too big Yeah I'm the host with the mostest My ego's too big Don't tell me you haven't noticed My ego's too big Hi, I'm the host with the mostest Hey teach, remember when you used to preach "gonna have to stop that if you wanna do well" As a rule always had to act a fool But look at me now,shows you never can tell And that's not how you planned it My ego's got so big lately Maybe you think we're guilty of having rock-star attitudes Now you're finally listening to me me me Maybe you're just jealous 'cause you've seen our faces in the news Swear that you could see it standing on another planet Hell yeah! Taking that for granted Maybe it's just that you're out of practise The only sleep we get is when we're travelling to the next place Hell yeah! I miss my family Spend most of the year living out a suitcase But I've got all my best friends right here around me And it's worth it for that one hour Get up on stage and feel that power Me and you have got this understanding My ego's coming in for landing Better clear the floor m
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Ego Lyrics

Spunge – Ego Lyrics

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