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Independent Men Lyrics

Sporty Thieves – Independent Men Lyrics

Yo question tell me what you know about me
Got the dice game nothing less than a G
Got my own ride and got my own bread
Even with the Chick Strap wearin on your head
Question, ask me how I feel about chicks
Best be independent cuz you aint getin shit
The only time it trick is December 25th
You tell me in a rollz with chickz and some dip
Street Sweeper everything worse then a chick saying "i jus want chedder"
Uh-oh that's some Mother fuck child support letter
First you want to bills payed now she independent
Sounds more like these chickz more inconsistent
These days everybody want a male bash
I tell them real fast to kiss my male ass
Listen, this is how it workz
I want to Fu/
Then some shoot the hoo ga too first
Now you all hurt
Tellin the word non sense
It aint my fualt you fell in love in da process
Got pregnent young now all this stop
But if I'm takin care of my son den Shut the fuck up
(Da ja Nigga) bitch I got no time to hear your heart broke
All like two months rent Take this fuck Car note
Take it as a chrome not an answer back
And if so suck my dick some body answer that

Cuz the clothes on my kid (i bought it)
Everything in my crib (i bought it)
The lawyer from my bed (i bought it)
Even though I lost the case (but I bought it)
The telly I bring my hoez (i bought it)
The gramz on topz of gramz (i bought it)
The one train to El town (i bought it)
Getin money from the bitch

Yo all my niggaz Who independent (throw your hands up wit me)
All my niggaz who gettin paper (throw your handz up with me)
All my niggaz who keepz there baby (throw your handz up wit me)
Understanding Like me ended (throw your handz up wit me)

(Yo my name) I'm independent cuz I know
I just put my last on the fresh jar jro
You feel up the dig with the benz full of frendz
And help you mom dumpz keep food in the fridge
Answer, don't ever judge a nigga by his dough
He could be indepen
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