Sometimes I want to know
Where did the innocence go
Everyone is depressed and
The whole damn world is a mess
We're only happy when we're sad
Ugly is a fad
Why don't we all just die our hair
And find a way to I don't care

She don't mind
She says its such a lovely day
In the sun or rain
It's hard to feel with stewing brains

Marijuana is the cure for what is ailing ya
If you want to diagnose yourself with something new
We can drink the wine and bleed from both our brain and spine
No one expects too much

Sometimes I like to scream
Sometimes I like to cry
Doctors like to drive nice cars
People like to give supply
Your not inside my head
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She Smells Like Headaches And Alcohol Lyrics

Split Fifty – She Smells Like Headaches And Alcohol Lyrics